Death & Kupcakes tour recap, Numero Uno! - via Addam Robert Paul

Greetings felines and fine aliens!


KAMIKAZE KUPCAKES had the pleasure of embarking on an amusement ride of delights with ABBEY DEATH
on the super fantastic Death & Kupcakes tour this past October of the year gone, 2019. Much fun was had. Was not to be sad, but glad.
Each night was an exciting and new opportunity to reach new Peeps and bring the Spooky Beats and Kitty Cat Treats.

Not enough good things to be said of the Spooky Cats that make up Abbey Death, Valerie & Filip Abbey. The energy of the tiny Val-gal
and Mr. Filip who is as sweet as he is tall (he's very...very tall) - it was a pleasure to share so many performances with these fancy felines! 
If there ever was a combination that fit with Kamikaze Kupcakes, Abbey Death fits pretty spiffs. Definitely check out their stuffs which I have linked right HERE
so you can be super lazy and not have to search.

(Abbey Death performing on the first night of the Death & Kupcakes tour)

Above you'll see a visual of Abbey Death from the first night of the tour. This leads me into a quick bit about this venue, the Fete Music Hall.
The goddamn GUMMI BEARS. Fuuuuuck. It was the GOOD kind, too. Fucking Albanese brand. gahhh. The backstage presented
us not only with actual cupcakes and other delicious smelling foods, but aw shit, they actually delivered the gummi bears requested.
Many points to you, Fete staff. Delicious.
This date featured openers Decent News, who unfortunately I missed as i was drowning in gummi goodness and applying circus shiz,
and also featured the group Corvin's Breed (whom i still have your black bracelet on! Boom! Months it has survived!) and they served up
that good spooky shit. fun times!
I'm sitting here trying to search my brain for things I recall from this, as i should have jotted down notes rather than trust memory.
oh! a wrestling event was occurring in a different room. I believe JBDUBZ checked out a bit of it. Something was going on with chickens, or 
people dressed as chickens...maybe both. hopefully. Let's assume that. Yes. good.
First night we shared the stage with Abbey Death for the tour (and second time ever for both bands together) and as always, they melted the faces right off.
literally, i'm still missing a piece here and there.

(this video is not from the first show!)

Next up was the feline-alien hybrids themselves....Us! Kamikaze Kupcakes! (party hats aplenty. glitter bombs, boyieee)
If i am remembering right, the lounge stage was an interesting shape. Decent size, but half a circle, with odd corners. Anyways,
good bass, though. I'm a bitch for bass. Strike that...Well controlled bass. I remember it bumping my brain well.
As always with the first show, dumb shit happens. One of the video sends were loose because double-checking it missed me that night. So, with
there being good bass, it came out. So center video went down after a song or two. Also one of the tvs were acting up, or so i thought.
But really i just had the wrong input chosen. So...who's the piece of shit now, tv?! huh?! ....yeah, it's me. you worked fine. i love you, tv.
middle video says goodbye forever tonight. one tv working. other tv covered by left banner...but working. user error. i'm sorry i doubted you, tv. :*( 

I don't recall much of the travel aspect on this. Was about 7 and a half hours total for restroom breaks and the occassional kazoo off-road bender.
If you don't know what that is you shouldn't guess. It's when you feel the need to break out the kazoo and run. gone. i feel it.

(a few moments before stage time. on far too much caffeine. Kristina Sweet questions her decision to stand too close.)

After this was a drive (and shit-ton of tolls) to Buffalo, NY to a pretty spiffs venue called Mohawk Place.
I'll dive into that night on the next Death & Kupcakes blog. Though the Abbey Death video above and our video below are both from that night. But you don't get to hear about it yet. Not yet. .....and not yet. soon.

(kamikaze kupcakes video-a-gogo from mohawk place)

And also a very sads 'WE MISSED MEWWWW' to our drummer JJ. As you noticed in photos and videos he was absent from this tour.
You see...JJ has a super secret job. Which I'm telling you about. It's our secret. He trains Cats for space battles. You don't know it, but every
day cats are blasting into space to fight creatures unknown to your mind who try and invade our reality. Do you know where they learn the battle tactics?
that's right...our drummer, JJ. A master of the mewskill. - He was called to action over the course of these dates, and he couldn't walk away from his duties.
You remain safe due to JJ and the Cats.

(a hero.)



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