Ohhh Shizzz it's a (nine inch) Throwback Thursday! - via Addam Robert Paul

Greetings and Meowutations!

"nine inch nails?! those are some long ass nails!"

nine inch nails have been in the news recently regarding their induction into the rock & roll hall of fame. i was fortunate enough to be introduced to nin/t.rizzle waaaay back in history, many meows ago, by one of my closest friends, Mr. Josh. he wanted to introduce me to one of his favorite bands, so he threw in a disc and put on a track that i can only describe as putting me into a moment of mental bliss. this track ended up being 'happiness in slavery' off of the broken ep. I had never heard music quite like this prior. - rock and roll...sure. but this...
the sounds, how? it was music on a cinematic level (I hadn't yet been introduced to skinny puppy...who achieved this even further)
we listened to all of the albums, remix albums, the closure vhs when it released...repeatedly.
Anyyyyyyways, from that point on - nin had a huge impact on me, most notably the first decade worth of content (pretty hate machine through the fragile, with the fragile still being my favorite album from nin)

SO - when zeeKupcakes were just having fun with some cover ideas, and zeeSweets also being a huge fan of nin and the fragile, we figured - why not?
We put this together as a free download to email subscribers back in 2015 - and then just put it up for free on our bandcamp page to download a few months later.
it's still there if you'd like to grab it in a higher quality format.
so here's the throwback to our 2015 cover of 'i'm looking forward to joining you, finally' - dedicated to all of our companions who've crossed the rainbow bridge.

(youtube video / track above - bandcamp free download link below!)




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