April 14th, 2020! - "Bittersweet Lollipop" Music Video!

Click the link to watch our new music video for "Bittersweet Lollipop"!

March 23rd, 2020 - All currently scheduled shows through May have been canceled. 

Due to the current state of...everywhere, all scheduled Kamikaze Kupcakes performances scheduled through May 2020 have been canceled. We will update both here and all social sites of any changes. Stay safe and sweet!

March 6th, 2020! Meet Frederick A. Tabby!

Howdy, HOWDY, HOWDY!!! - Frederick A. Tabby will be hosting the next episode of "Life is in the Icing", where he'll be interviewing the members of Kamikaze Kupcakes! As always, submit your questions to us for a chance to have them featured!

February 14th, 2020! Bittersweet Lollipop!

The new single from Kamikaze Kupcakes, "Bittersweet Lollipop"! Available as 'pay what you want' (even free!) on our bandcamp, and also available across all streaming platforms! Click the image or right HERE

February 7th, 2020! 

Yo! the Kamikaze Kupcakes web series ''Life is in the Icing'' begins shooting within the next few days. - What is ''Life is in the Icing''?!'s an interview/chit-chat/dance-fighting/Gingee's Scent-o-vision wonderbit of delights! Hosted by meeeeeeee, Addam Robert Paul, biiiiitches. So it's whatever plops out of my head per episode. 

ZEE FIRST episode "Haute Sugar Daddies", with my fancy feline lollipop homeslice and co-host, THE Jared Barkley Wood, shoots soon. 
SEND any questions, comments, things you'd like to see discussed, ANYTHING!!!!! 
Message the Kamikaze Kupcakes page HERE, or email us at - and maybe we'll bring it up. Or save it for a future date! Episode 1 promo below! Feel free to share!